SRM is a boutique environmental consultancy firm

We were established in year 2000 as a consulting firm with a pioneer status. We have since grown into a mature boutique environment consultancy firm. Our track record in the delivery of quality consulting services speaks for itself.

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Our expertise spans across various industries

Environment Impact Assessments

Environment Impact Assessments

We help businesses assess the significant impact of their projects or development proposals on the environment

Preliminary Environment Reports

Preliminary Environment Reports

We help businesses assess projects with lesser environmental impacts

Specialist Studies

Specialist Studies

We help identify and eliminate various forms of pollution that impact the environment. 


  • Wind Farms

  • Solar PV Farms

  • Hospital and Private Clinics

  • Real Estate Projects

  • Battery Anode Facility

  • Oxygen Plants

  • Paint Recycling

  • Oyster Farming

  • Waste Plastic

  • Oceanarium

  • Waste Incineration

  • Fibre Optic Cable

  • Airport and Highway

  • Medical Plastic Tubing Manufacturing

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